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The REAL Climate Changer: Ice Age Soon? An Unlikely but Relevant Risk - The Solar Killshot: TODAY's LINKS:Old Universe: Climate Shifting Volcanos: 1st view from Landsat: REPEAT LINKS:WORLD WEATHER:NDBC Buoys: Tropical Storms: HurricaneZone Satellite Images: Weather Channel: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory: Pressure Maps: ;MENU=0000000000&...Satellite Maps: ;CONT=namkForecast Maps: ;CONT=ususEL DORADO WORLD WEATHER MAP: TORCON: news/tornado-torcon-index HURRICANE TRACKER: weather/hurricanecentral/trackerUS WEATHER:Precipitation Totals: GOES Satellites: THE WINDMAP: Severe Weather Threats: news/weather-severe/severe-weather-trackerCanada Weather Office Satellite Composites: Temperature Delta: Records/Extremes: SPACEWEATHER:Spaceweather: SOHO Solar Wind: HAARP Data Meters: Planetary Orbital Diagram - Ceres1 JPL: ;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orbSDO: Helioviewer: SOHO: Stereo: SOLARIMG: iSWA: NASA ENLIL SPIRAL: :8080/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?timestamp=...NOAA ENLIL SPIRAL: GOES Xray: Gamma Ray Bursts: BARTOL Cosmic Rays: ISWA: :8080/IswaSystemWebApp/NOAA Sunspot Classifications: GONG: GONG Magnetic Maps: MISC Links:JAPAN Radiation Map: RADIATION Network: LISS: QUAKES LIST FULL: RSOE: Moon:
halen # 22 февраля 2013 в 22:31 0
everyone check out a guy named eric dollard the only guy to recreate the works of nikola tesla he now has his lab back and needs the peoples support to make great things happen check him out on facebook and on eric dollard dot com support and spread the word take care
gutholmj # 23 февраля 2013 в 02:37 0
Great job posting us with this new events in the world and space events!
eric # 24 февраля 2013 в 10:16 0
a lot of people on here who study this stuff continually are new age atheists
patricia # 24 февраля 2013 в 17:01 0
Dear SO,I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your news. I'm anything but a young youtuber! I like your succinct reports, your encouraging voice and most of all, your moral principles. I wanted to buy something of that website to support you but cannot find the link.Keep up the good work, please, SO. And don't put yourself at risk for other suspicious, yet passive observers like myself.
william # 26 февраля 2013 в 03:27 0
Hey suspect, do the adds man, some of us not so brightly colored crayons in the box need a geek like you around to herd us in the right direction :)
sheenagh # 26 февраля 2013 в 06:12 0
We all need to live. If its not this its that, you pile of crap
terry # 26 февраля 2013 в 14:46 0
He's being egocentric to say "flares are away from our planet". He should be saying: "flares are towards Galactic Central Point GCP... agitated by magnetic alignments of billions of stars at the Galactic Equator, which we just crossed. Dec 21, 2012 we were directly behind the sun from GCP. Now we're 90 degrees to the side of the Sun. June 21st, we'll be directly between the Sun and GCP... so from now until September 21st, we're like sitting ducks at the arcade, crossing the line of fire.
thingamu # 26 февраля 2013 в 21:20 0
I wasn't considering man...
automan1 # 28 февраля 2013 в 08:38 0
One, why is ludricioius ? You flat earthers need to realize there is A Lot more going on than, coronal holes. Why was it not seen previously ? Why is a coronal hole not ON the sun ? Please explain why things have changed ? Tell me why you have not noticed the "change" in everything since that day in Feb ? Not only have advanced computers detected the shift, but psychics and intuitives around the globe. Listen to any "old" music lately ? Tell me does it sound like it used to ?
hasonthe # 1 марта 2013 в 15:54 0
There was masses of snow for UK
gay # 3 марта 2013 в 14:53 0
I love your reports and post them on to fb for my friends to check it out. I don't care if you have to put up adds.. I never listen to adds so I'll just ignore them to relish your precise and informative all included reports. I also get into your dry humour (yes I'm Australian, that's why I spell humour that way) Keep up the good work!
chuck # 4 марта 2013 в 05:05 0
nothing happened march 22 2013 wtf
pipingsh # 4 марта 2013 в 06:50 0
Yes you did say southern Australia was in for " early fall condition " north east Victoria is not southern Australia . I like what your doing but . Keep up the good work
thomas # 4 марта 2013 в 12:08 0
If your documentary provided a sound understanding of your daily updates, yes, I would pay for it. I would be interested in how the various components of space and earth weather are intertwined. And I would definitely appreciate a better understanding of the sun and its relationship with the rest of our planetary system. Basically, help me learn the language.
gerri577 # 4 марта 2013 в 21:32 0
take the ads. you deserve to get paid for what you do. You are superb at what you do.
msjewelr # 5 марта 2013 в 00:05 0
Canaries have been on the verge of a volcanic event for years.
tvardalo # 5 марта 2013 в 18:45 0
Greetings from Kelowna. This is important info to share and your doing a super job. Maybe a crowd funded DVD Special could be crowd funded via KickStarter and that could generate the needed extra revenue.
quasarji # 6 марта 2013 в 16:27 0
SO, let them have their ads if it keeps you on the air. You are awesome, I never miss a report. Ads on your news pieces will not bother me, and from the other comments I have been reading, no one else will either. It is 5 seconds. You are not a sellout. Keep up the good work my friend
debbie # 7 марта 2013 в 02:24 0
eighteen # 9 марта 2013 в 00:27 0
Just started watching your videos. Why a documentary? Daily installments keep us up to date, no to mention provides perspective when looking back. I'd love a documentary, however if it was one or the other, I'd prefer the dailies.
aqueafex # 9 марта 2013 в 01:32 0
Yes, gladly would. Especially if you comprehensively explain your working method for the quake watches. The sun and the planetary alinements and how they affect the Earth.Also, cover the weather in Mexico, Central America, and South America!
conan086 # 9 марта 2013 в 09:02 0
I would pay to see it. Absolutely. Your info has educated me a great deal. Thank you.
adgrisse # 10 марта 2013 в 00:16 0
yes indeed
icitizen # 10 марта 2013 в 07:05 0
S0, the documentaries would be in addition to or replace your 3-5MIN you tube reports?
gay # 11 марта 2013 в 06:27 0
absolutely. To keep you on the air - giving the most interesting weather scope I've ever had the pleasure to watch. absolutely!
booger # 11 марта 2013 в 12:56 0
i'll give up two weeks of daily news....
michael # 12 марта 2013 в 20:55 0
calvusaq # 15 марта 2013 в 10:40 0
And I would try to get a local screening.
j # 16 марта 2013 в 11:59 0
That is a wonderful idea. Documentaries I mean and a few bucks never hurt anyone however we crave your stuff for free:) You must find a happy medium knowing we dont care about the ads and we think an SO t-shirt would be the best because you rock...So make some documentaries if you want, we can even help. You still need a monitor We watch you every morning and do the research read the comments...TTYS
hankiepa # 16 марта 2013 в 16:20 0
advertisement is a fucking plaque infecting the world...
josh # 19 марта 2013 в 13:10 0
hey br0, I'll buy sum shirts and shit, just d0nt't take my news away :)
michaelc # 19 марта 2013 в 18:20 0
Thanks good to know the real info
analiens # 20 марта 2013 в 09:08 0
If ads means that little one you get to boot in 5 seconds then I could live with that
billy # 20 марта 2013 в 22:39 0
Just keep doing it for as long as you can...Its not the end of the world!something has to give.
soundcha # 23 марта 2013 в 18:08 0
Don't apologize or be ashamed. You should be proud! It it those like you that are moving the world forward. Shivai!
norman # 26 марта 2013 в 08:38 0
I forgive you. I believe it is ok to put advertisement on the site videos as long as I can click to move it out of the way to get to the juice. I did warn you they would steal your stuff thats what the catholic, protestant and jews do. Now they will make a news cast using your means but change a few things so that can say it was their idea. I met the man that they stole the beef steak tomatos from and know the sneaky things they do.
chandra9 # 26 марта 2013 в 23:42 0
Feel spoiled today with 2 reports! Much love from Sout east Ma
harold # 27 марта 2013 в 23:30 0
S0> Your comments on selective flaring are excellent.
edwin # 29 марта 2013 в 02:44 0
Hi Suspicious0bservers, Edwin 25 here MSc. Economics & Business I relate your video's to mass behavior on the stockmarket. Correlation is a fact and I'm about to prove. Now you are getting in the 90% range of predicting general 6+ uptick DAYS for quakes, you could extend you eartly skills to predict the effictive platonics. Which hours are relevant and which tectonic plates are sun facing or effected?
hunibuni # 29 марта 2013 в 14:30 0
Thank you Suspicious0bservers, love your news feed =)
geminily # 31 марта 2013 в 22:10 0
bit disappointed with Usaf observatory.nothing new in quick search there. I have more info in open pages in google chrome on my phone. lol :)
geminily # 1 апреля 2013 в 15:06 0
@curi0usvibes. Oh no. Just playin with the skulls n bones number 322. No quakes6.0+ for a couple more days. Just checked umbral field. Still hiding the coronal holes. Unless any surprises like meteors. Should be quiet for the weekend :)
michael # 2 апреля 2013 в 14:56 0
Could the suns umbra field (February 15, 2013) pushed the meteor into Russia’s air space? #NASA #QUESTION
curi0usv # 2 апреля 2013 в 19:45 0
gem,you mean EQs' or other stuff?
missllp # 2 апреля 2013 в 22:30 0
brodyluv # 6 апреля 2013 в 09:43 0
Ahha!Thank you Nightman : )
thenight # 6 апреля 2013 в 13:10 0
@BrodyLuv2 - They really torture these guys to make them tougher. gotta check mom be back later
missllp # 7 апреля 2013 в 16:45 0
Really I used to live there. Navy was on Coronado Island. Not sure of the local of this training facility though.
missllp # 8 апреля 2013 в 03:25 0
Do you know where the other ones are?
ilbcnya9 # 8 апреля 2013 в 04:29 0
youtube creepy cnn homepage march 22 2013
william # 8 апреля 2013 в 16:51 0
The way Mark Austin talks about the names of the satellites do not jive,or does he answer anything about the flight path etc. There are a few thing he told me I can already start to take apart.
brodyluv # 8 апреля 2013 в 22:18 0
Also,is it not against the Law to impersonate a Government Employee?It is here.
brodyluv # 9 апреля 2013 в 04:43 0
Hello MissesP : )I am not a badguy at all,just do not like friends etc. being messed around by some fairy cake role playing mincer is all : )Honest,I'd never jump down good souls throats,ever...honest!Lol.Hope you fixed your problems out now MissesP.OL2.
missllp # 9 апреля 2013 в 18:20 0
I hate being taken for a ride unless its a fun one but being fooled= NO fun. lol YesYes i believe the issue was fixed and nothing big happened on 3/22/13. We're still here for a bit longer eh? haha
mrloferl # 10 апреля 2013 в 20:44 0
Doing well, how you doing? I'm checking out that USAF Space Weather site...Peace 8)
missllp # 11 апреля 2013 в 03:24 0
Lockheed Martin has a very large facility in SD partnered with USAF. Did you know that at SDSU they have a very large training and special projects facility for things like alternative cars and who knows what else. My old roomie was an engineer there working on an electric car some years back so I would bet this place is underground.
missllp # 12 апреля 2013 в 08:42 0
I agree. Think about how much sense it makes to build new technology and do secretive things underground. Not very easy to see via satellite but anyways this sleepy person needs her warm blanky hehe. Good morning and good evening. 1:30am :-p
brodyluv # 12 апреля 2013 в 23:46 0
Guten Nacht MissP.
geminily # 14 апреля 2013 в 15:18 0
@curi0usvibes I may have noticed but gee its been busy. Here fb. Non stop info sorting replying sharing. @ william. Oops. Just came through on my rsoe app. Apologies :)
geminily # 14 апреля 2013 в 21:38 0
@Brodyluv2 couldn't see him. Did he delete comment. Im on phone. It doesn't link replies to original comment! Grrr
geminily # 15 апреля 2013 в 18:14 0
hisz.rsoe.hu/m/?pageid=event_i­ndex&edis_id=UGE-20130323-3861­3-USAAlert bayou corne! Work stopped due to tremors.
thenight # 18 апреля 2013 в 08:56 0
@BrodyLuv2 I cannot believe william armstrong lives right there.and only knew there is no way in. That mountain is a fortress.
william # 19 апреля 2013 в 23:42 0
He left no. links to open. Just 2 different letters, I have been checking up on him and have found nothing, I also been checking on different statements he has made.
geminily # 20 апреля 2013 в 16:54 0
who is mark?
s # 21 апреля 2013 в 00:02 0
@thenightman - that makes sense - i vaguely recall a teenage me having to listen to my polar opposite parents (him - Aust navy officer - her a free spirited hippie) discussing some poor kid that escaped from there into a nearby hippie commune and blowing the torture secret wide open
thenight # 21 апреля 2013 в 13:47 0
@BrodyLuv2 -I glad I'm not going to that school. Did you see the meteor pictures tonight? Huge green fireball long blue tail dropping almost straight down. Passed over New York State
brodyluv # 23 апреля 2013 в 08:41 0
Nazis...'soon' : P
thenight # 23 апреля 2013 в 20:25 0
@TheNightman2281 - Bald Mountain is the home of the US Navy S.E.R.E school. S.E.R.E. stands for Survival Escape Resistance Evasion. They train Seals to withstand extreme torture.
brodyluv # 24 апреля 2013 в 01:33 0
So this training - If you did happen to be a little kinky...this is the ideal job,right!?
thenight # 27 апреля 2013 в 06:11 0
@william armstrong- In 1983 the Bald Mountain Ground-based Electro-optical Deep Space Surveillance System (GEODSS) was transferred to USAF Space Command. It is the vital part of the "space fence". At night it sees everything between 3,000 & 22,000 miles UNLIKE NASA
whosedat # 29 апреля 2013 в 20:25 0
This one was Good !!
creyn68 # 30 апреля 2013 в 09:03 0
Love what you are doing. Thanks a lot.. keep it up my son is now showing interest in earth and solar sciences and this makes it so much easier for him to understand you should see about broadcasts for schools i gave his science teacher you're YouTube channel.... thanks again...
christin # 2 мая 2013 в 03:48 0
yeah -- GONG : )thanks. I'd like to see it in various technicolors, zoomed in.
thenight # 2 мая 2013 в 15:44 0
@william armstrong yes he got it backward explain later
geminily # 3 мая 2013 в 01:15 0
@curi0usvibes. Lol comment limit ;) I was about to direct you guys to stins vid then saw your comment. Have both now. @kathy knetge thankyou :)
s # 3 мая 2013 в 06:13 0
@thenightman - too funny!! There's a greater chance of being hit by a bus - life is there to be lived! We're all going to die one day and personally something exotic like being hit by a meteor would by a fantastic way to go! , no suffering or prolonged death by disease for me! Lol
william # 3 мая 2013 в 22:13 0
Looking forward to hearing all about it,Nice to know whats in the backyard.Amazing what that 1 plane sighting did,Did you see the comment from that Aussey Fellow? What he had said?
william # 5 мая 2013 в 20:54 0
Reply by inbox,send brody copy,Tell me what you think.
s # 6 мая 2013 в 06:25 0
@geminilyle - makes me certain we are in the best city in the best country (weather wise).. Even our yucky weather doesn't last long
curi0usv # 6 мая 2013 в 10:46 0
when where what???details please!: )
geminily # 11 мая 2013 в 05:45 0
@S Mac you liking this autumn weather? 30c for the next week!
thenight # 11 мая 2013 в 13:07 0
@S Mac - You don't think after 100's of years of no impacts , one isn't due to land on my ass? Check the picture of the damn thing that flew over tonight. It looked Huge but it was really high up and dropping like a (DUH) rock.
curi0usv # 11 мая 2013 в 19:55 0
StinVec's transcription, where he SHOWS in the video S0's books:utube link:mfh-_KwZvbstoday's transcription, no less!!!I see StinVec has found a great way to represent "the books"!!gratitude and then some, to StinVec!!:D
william # 13 мая 2013 в 03:35 0
Unless they hit your toilet!
christin # 13 мая 2013 в 04:24 0
I've been trying to get a better look on Helioviewer, but I'm getting shut out. 1700 had a little flare it looks like. Showed up better on GONG than anything else I could find. Even if NASA has to cut back, the Europeans should keep SOHO going.
thenight # 15 мая 2013 в 03:59 0
@S Mac - Are you serious about meteors flying over New York State with some frequency? Thanks for making me sleep in a bunker tonight!
geminily # 15 мая 2013 в 21:31 0
@Kathy Knetge there's 2 vids showing the.books. ive been here 7 months. if you find can you please alert to vid date. much appreciated.
christin # 18 мая 2013 в 20:40 0
Love the visual. Gangnam style? or Harlem shake?
christin # 22 мая 2013 в 16:14 0
just as I suspected!
jesse # 23 мая 2013 в 23:15 0
Seriously man. Find a way to capitalize. There are TONS of starting businesses that would PAY you to advertise. And I think most of your viewers would WANT you to tell them about REAL companies ads, not just the same car and soap ads. Find a way to not just give us news about solar etc, but good biz startups also. 10 sec ad spot, your voice, audience would love it. Keep doing what you can, maybe pull the web scrolls. But, keep going and step up the game.
wcardozo # 24 мая 2013 в 01:16 0
"The Heavens and there story" was the book referenced in an earlier video.
christin # 24 мая 2013 в 02:23 0
Just as long as Julia Stiles leaves again, and takes Haitian V with her. Almost every time I search, there they are 8 >)
curi0usv # 24 мая 2013 в 03:57 0
Suspicious0bservers isn't on channel right now (apparently anyway), bu if anyone else here can help you I'm sure they'll be glad to : )About MSM... not surprising really, heh? Usual, as they go.
william # 25 мая 2013 в 07:51 0
If you like I can talk to you about it.
curi0usv # 26 мая 2013 в 07:45 0
indeed! Wondering if S0 knows?inbox him with a clear title : )
chris # 26 мая 2013 в 14:19 0
I don't even know if you will read this stupid comment or not considering it's so late but I really wish you would consider doing a study on the things I have said. Because you are a heck of a lot smarter than me and know how to find the information a lot quicker besides I am in to much pain to strain my brain. God bless my good neighbor and friend Wilson. Sincerely Tim the Tool Man Taylor. P.S. Eva says hello. She's a good dog. She sniffs out my food for me. She doesn't like GMO junk
thenight # 27 мая 2013 в 14:57 0
@Kathy Knetge NY1 news just showed photo of meteor plunging down..HUGE GREEN FIREBALL LONG FLAMING TAIL
chris # 27 мая 2013 в 21:24 0
And how about my oil theory that it was our harmonic balancer? If you studied where all the major geo physical positions the major deposits where all at I guarantee you will find that they were diametrically opposed to one another absorbing vibration. I know everyone loves to drive their vehicles to work and doesn’t want to hear it but the truth sometimes hurts.
brodyluv # 28 мая 2013 в 16:52 0
Central Filament is now in play on GONG H alpha Scopes.
brodyluv # 29 мая 2013 в 08:07 0
Yes you do Christine : )It does look large on the H alpha but is simply not registering on the X-Rays?It is still unfolding as we Type.Hope you are good : )
1jaded4u # 30 мая 2013 в 08:13 0
h t t p : / / t(DOT)co/WKocVmx4bk
chris # 30 мая 2013 в 17:07 0
O.K. Wilson, I love you man and your a super intelligent guy! But I think we have it backwards. Considering our electrical universe. Just from my own observation, and my little bit of knowledge as a mechanic. The Earth is the one producing the alternating current. We know that from thunderstorms! So it seems to me the Sun is one giant Diehard. So the earthquakes are affecting the Sun and not the Sun affecting the Earth. It looks like our fields and shields are fading.
brodyluv # 30 мая 2013 в 21:20 0
Solarholics - Region to watch(soon to be)1703 in the South-West,currently un-numbered(bet they number it different now I said 1703)it is showing fast growth and has a pulse,on SDO Colo(u)orised Magnetogram it looks like a little Beta-Gamma at present.Check your H alpha to see it throwing fits and the GOES X-Ray for its Pulse : )Watch him...expect him.
brodyluv # 31 мая 2013 в 17:19 0
GOES 1 Minute X-Raysh t t p://w w w.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/xray_­1m.htmlI couldn't tell a pulse from the others!
curi0usv # 1 июня 2013 в 22:59 0
H Alpha is on GONG.... (grey disk, movie, auto-reload): )or were you looking at another from GONG ?
john # 2 июня 2013 в 23:40 0
NASA have been forced to suspend all public outreach projects due to budget cuts.According to an internal memo circulated on the 22nd March "effective immediately, all education and public outreach activities should be suspended, pending further review. This includes all public engagement and outreach events, programs, activities, and products developed and implemented by HQ's, Miss. Dir., including all education and public outreach efforts conducted by programs and projects."
john # 5 июня 2013 в 12:31 0
A friend on fb forwarded this to me... still checking :o
curi0usv # 5 июня 2013 в 19:51 0
You sure john? Hope you're right!thanks for the share for sure : )
john # 6 июня 2013 в 08:56 0
i almost shyt meself!! Lesson learned, research 1st ; )
john # 6 июня 2013 в 16:08 0
More info: h t t p : / / bit.ly /Yumo4s
1jaded4u # 7 июня 2013 в 03:39 0
william # 7 июня 2013 в 15:26 0
I got there..Just google it and it gives the link.
prepare4 # 8 июня 2013 в 07:25 0
so i post ur link to my fb.everyday!today i had to go back to the 14th!!!!weird!thanks for ur time friend!its on the horizon!2 more days!
1jaded4u # 9 июня 2013 в 05:24 0
I think I have sub. and liked here, atleast 10 times so far today alone ug grr
curi0usv # 11 июня 2013 в 00:45 0
for the kicks of fooling as many as possible. Sigh.If you wish MissLLP, you can delete your own comment, by sliding your mouse on the top right of your comment. Or else it might just get thumbed down or spammed lol: )
william # 11 июня 2013 в 05:04 0
Ha! you did it before I could grab that link!! smiles@CV I will check that link also, Thanks ;)
curi0usv # 12 июня 2013 в 14:40 0
@MissLLP@Lofty Jade,thanks both for the Dan Satterfield scoop!But there are many Dan Satterfield on facebook, which one is it?Link or something?thanks!
william # 12 июня 2013 в 16:50 0
Shortcut the other link Curi0usVibes just reminded me of... American Meteor Society,thats really good.
gollumz # 13 июня 2013 в 11:36 0
Nice, finally 5MIN news!
william # 14 июня 2013 в 06:39 0
That was this morning!
brodyluv # 14 июня 2013 в 07:01 0
Thing with all that is,if they had something to say in the bible regarding the movements of the Heavens they should have just spat it out,in plain Olde English - All this beating around the bush is not a good way to get a message across - less' the idea was to confuse/confound yet further.Thank you for the reference Kathy : )
geminily # 14 июня 2013 в 13:00 0
I see this is covered..
steddyre # 15 июня 2013 в 19:29 0
Check out Stinvec's channel -he does a daily transcription of the news that is slammin! :)
curi0usv # 16 июня 2013 в 06:46 0
Hi Firstname : )The caption button included in vid screen here, does not do justice to what S0 says -- it is a bot-done, not manually done, and is far from accurate.Hence StinVec's daily effort now, at duely transcribing every word spoken by S0.At StinVec's channel, click "playlists"then you'll see the transcriptions, and also, bonus! another playlist of S0's "Special Edition" videos.: )
curi0usv # 16 июня 2013 в 06:57 0
Not in any different way that you would. I've just came across S0's channel in summer 2012, and started learning here, as you do, as we do all.: )
rongrite # 17 июня 2013 в 13:17 0
OK, if we look at the cometary model of the universe (everything is a comet)according to James McCanney, X-rays are given off the sun-facing side of comets,if the sun (and solar-system) is really a giant comet, then (because it is now showing more x-rays on the far side) it is coming close to the greater gravitational center, it and we, orbit.i've heard stories of planet x coming into our solar system, but what if we are going into its system?!(see x-rays on the far side of the sun?)
william # 17 июня 2013 в 15:25 0
Did you see the Vid about Magnetic portals from NASA today? you would love that one.
christin # 18 июня 2013 в 01:42 0
how is it?
christin # 18 июня 2013 в 04:15 0
That was fun. I don't sub, but I get there one way or another. Sometimes I say thank you, not always. Your questions are hardly tedious. Concise, intelligent sounding (although I have no way of actually knowing lol). The tedium is just having to ask over and over w/o an answer.
brodyluv # 19 июня 2013 в 07:14 0
The Heliosphere contracted quite a bit in 2009,I think that could have helped perturb some of the outer bodies perhaps through a charge difference within the Heliosphere at differing locations,perhaps?Who knows!?Hello by the way : )
william # 19 июня 2013 в 16:35 0
Sightings in Mass
rachel # 20 июня 2013 в 10:25 0
Dan Satterfield17 minutes agoOK- Based on reports the #meteor flash was around 7: 53 PM, and it moved from SW to NE across Delaware and NJ. Visible from VA to MA. Likely over southern NJ/PA or Northern Delaware. Several reports of sound as well including one report of a "popcorn" sound. This is not unusual in bright meteors. It likely burned up before reaching the ground. It broke into 3 pieces.
rachel # 21 июня 2013 в 07:05 0
Dan Satterfield36 minutes agoThe colours reported of blue green indicate magnesium and the red would be oxygen atoms. May very well be a meteor. If it is found then it would be a meteorite.
thenight # 22 июня 2013 в 03:41 0
Do we have an 0bserver in the impact area? This is too damn close to my tired white ass. A meteor over NY! What ndxtw
thenight # 22 июня 2013 в 21:10 0
You know I take a nice hot shower. Towel off. And a big flaming rock hits my car. KIDDING. I hate to say this but this is one meteor too manyfors
william # 23 июня 2013 в 20:08 0
I have family that live not far from there.
curi0usv # 23 июня 2013 в 23:24 0
h t t p : / /sdo gsfc nasa gov/data/h t t p : / /stereo gsfc nasa gov/beacon/fill in the blanks with dots, and close in spaces in " h t t p"for those wicked green images of Sun : )
brodyluv # 24 июня 2013 в 00:20 0
Thank you for the lead on Satterfield - I'll need to check his Facecrack(crook,whatever,inser­t whatever)And thank you muchly for the Updates Ditto!
steddyre # 25 июня 2013 в 17:21 0
Preciate the update S0! :) Congratulations on hitting that 5 min mark! :) " The 5 min news" - Has a nice ring to it - I hope it gets stapled! ;)
william # 25 июня 2013 в 18:52 0
Planet7X does vids on that,He does them in a neat way.
william # 25 июня 2013 в 20:02 0
That was for KATHYKNETG...LOL! clicked wrong names..Some of are watching incoming reports of meteors Been a strange pattern,Like they all love the Northeast area.
william # 25 июня 2013 в 23:13 0
You have The meteor watchers link?h t t p :// lunarmeteoritehunters. blogspot. com/2013/03/breaking-news-mbiq­-detects-nj-md-dc-vt. html Just close it up. I checked your area nothing going on there.
steddyre # 28 июня 2013 в 13:09 0
Got it now! :) Preciate the link & thanks for checking on my area! :)
curi0usv # 29 июня 2013 в 03:04 0
Yes indeed, the b0ss confirmed earlier today that this vid IS a first, above the 5 minute mark.Quite the thing hey!...and big lol at your 'take' on it, Brody! : )
musik190 # 30 июня 2013 в 02:12 0
jerzeydo # 30 июня 2013 в 04:54 0
jerseyshore hurricane news and facebook
alnilamc # 30 июня 2013 в 18:33 0
h-t-t-p : / / rense - DOTcom/general12/big.htm Mass 'Meteor' Sighting PA To NY
armchair # 1 июля 2013 в 07:18 0
use the one william posted. make sure you get all the blanks out. scrolll down the page.
alnilamc # 2 июля 2013 в 05:01 0
yes, I just found the date, it's 7-24-1, thanks for pointing that out...
curi0usv # 4 июля 2013 в 12:40 0
Which forum plz, Rachel?thanks for this!
jerzeydo # 5 июля 2013 в 00:27 0
RAChel I am getting reports it hit near Delaware and it passed over Washington,maryland,jersey,new­york,boston .I
william # 5 июля 2013 в 01:52 0
Here is Meteor link.h t t p :// lunarmeteoritehunters. blogspot. com/
armchair # 7 июля 2013 в 03:05 0
pa, ny, nj va, de. sounds like there may have been more than one or one that broke up.
curi0usv # 8 июля 2013 в 06:44 0
Bpeirce might show up soon, if he's on top of this?: )
curi0usv # 8 июля 2013 в 22:37 0
Anyone has a viable link to this story?Googling like crazy in vain, up to now.
william # 8 июля 2013 в 23:48 0
Check out the Meteor site I gave you,Its talking about reports all over of seeing them in the TRI State area.
curi0usv # 9 июля 2013 в 16:32 0
Thanks for the great share Susan : )
brodyluv # 9 июля 2013 в 17:13 0
william # 10 июля 2013 в 03:17 0
Smiles.... here take the (B)GONG back I am done with it.
brodyluv # 10 июля 2013 в 07:05 0
'Sub-Atomic 'Particles' ' last such a tineee amount of time that I'd happily say they are just Energy Packets.The notion of a 0 Dimension Particle to me is crazy,even if the Energy has a characteristic that can be repeated.IMO.
william # 10 июля 2013 в 15:26 0
Never heard that..Nightman seems to have a grasp about it better then me, I know its been there since 1980 when I moved to this area.
william # 10 июля 2013 в 19:49 0
I can't wait to read those! Like waiting for Santa Clause ;o)
brodyluv # 11 июля 2013 в 00:14 0
No doubt - Most of what we see is 'Electric' in its' behavior,though that is a secondary re-action - IMO.
curi0usv # 11 июля 2013 в 13:08 0
Requires a prior "force" to start up the electricity, right?
brodyluv # 12 июля 2013 в 05:41 0
Unless we are going to ascribe to all Forces the notion that they are all 'Electric' (or whatever you want to call it) expressed at different energies hence the seeming non-relation of the Forces to the others.I am about there myself - but that will still leave us in the exact same place as before(accept with a more wholistic view of energy)meaning,what the F$ is 'it'?
geminily # 12 июля 2013 в 09:05 0
@Mark Austin to post links leave out h t t p and w w w and .
ewbaubau # 13 июля 2013 в 01:28 0
Earthquakes cause volcanos, is that not so? And earthquakes are caused by tectonic plate movement, which is in turn caused by which forces, exactly?
geminily # 13 июля 2013 в 15:54 0
@curi0usVibes I have dutch on fb. I think he shared that vid on there!
thenight # 14 июля 2013 в 21:18 0
BrodyLuv2- Have you been following the discussion on Bald Mountain? See my comment below. Ever hear of that before today?
thenight # 17 июля 2013 в 12:12 0
@TheNightman2281 USAF GROUND BASED ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEEP SPACE OBSERVATORY Pointed at the sun. Any ideas or comments ?
brodyluv # 17 июля 2013 в 22:31 0
Have thee a idea what you think it is Nightman?
thenight # 18 июля 2013 в 09:35 0
@ValiantVision - California has the strongest cannibis strains. According to field and lab tests. Imagine being the tester....yo bring me a case of Mallomares.
geminily # 18 июля 2013 в 22:16 0
eyes open on umbral field. (S0s links "GONG") make vid line of sight coronal hole plot. watching the field turn ever closer to the opening makes my heart race. love a good coronal hole kick. the near immediate geo effectiveness is awe inspiring.
jessicaa # 19 июля 2013 в 06:43 0
Susp'Ob' or anyone else. Can you help with the ''latest'' ''discovery'' of the Higs-Boson thingy.Is it just me? or do ALL of the explanations for this discovery end with something like''but we will know for sure in time'' or ''We are sure that this could prove to be''...etc etc.It seems to be being treated as 'fact' although it looks anything but fact, and if you SAY it isn't fact, people rend their clothing and there is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.Why?
sanethin # 20 июля 2013 в 05:27 0
From what I have read they are sorta sure they found the higgs but in doing so found many more bosen's that are also unexplainable so the search continues but for what I think we wait and see.... just from what I have gathered from being bored at work and reading whats available
thenight # 20 июля 2013 в 09:58 0
@Mark Austin - I suspected that Suspicious0bservers had a following at NASA among the engineers and scientists. I am sure you guys loved your boss telling the world to "pray" in the face of an incoming asteroid. Welcome to our channel. We are as diverse as our locations. Please return and show the news at the Visitors Center. Eyes Open. No Fear.
curi0usv # 21 июля 2013 в 20:07 0
Hi Mark,I volunteer for reception of links which I could send to william armstrong via other path. Ok with you, william?
mark # 22 июля 2013 в 22:48 0
Great. i.t.looks pretty bad for us if we can't even relay a GoEs satellite link. Everyone is welcome to request the un-redacted stuff. Ask for me in person if you ever come to the Cape. I'm off to Hollywood's silly disaster epic opening tonight. More later..I'll get fired if I show you the somewhat truly scary stuff.
armchair # 25 июля 2013 в 23:10 0
send him an invite to get a mug!
missllp # 27 июля 2013 в 18:49 0
Oh the questions I have for Mark he probably would not be at liberty to answer and i assume you feel the same eh?
curi0usv # 29 июля 2013 в 05:45 0
6iSlGrdkEg8T'is the vid link to:Secret Moon Mission Uncovered 2013
missllp # 29 июля 2013 в 11:40 0
I'm not sure which one I will have to go back and look but even though I'm as far long as you guys in the mathematics of it all I am a kid in a candy store. All giddy when it comes to space and other science. I want to know more about sacred geometry and how it relates to us other then i think its in our DNA. (Another subject). Back to questions. There somewhat out there but i think they have relevance and the knowledge is coveted. Make sense? hopefully it does.
indianab # 29 июля 2013 в 20:12 0
Nice of you to drop by and annouce yourself. Please drop by often and say hello, you are most welcome here!
brodyluv # 31 июля 2013 в 07:57 0
Is this GoEs another setup than the other GOES?
thereals # 31 июля 2013 в 11:54 0
We can't get along with others until we get along with ourselves.It surely is a heavy task.
william # 31 июля 2013 в 17:36 0
william # 2 августа 2013 в 02:42 0
Did you notice that last question I just asked Mark Austin? be curious to how he answers that. ;o)
william # 2 августа 2013 в 14:00 0
Yup 5 mins ago,look back,I asked him a question ,see if he answers.
mark # 3 августа 2013 в 00:32 0
I took a bit of time to look up 2 reoprts you might like but they just came back to my gmail box. Sorry. You deserve a better technical response than this but I my g-mail was only created specifically for this site and even us computer geeks can't get it to relay to your phone. LOL
william # 3 августа 2013 в 05:06 0
Posting here would be fine also...Thank you.
armchair # 3 августа 2013 в 06:52 0
lol. send those reports to me. i will get him the links.
william # 4 августа 2013 в 20:22 0
the moon
missllp # 5 августа 2013 в 10:06 0
Oh cool, gonna watch now. Thx
william # 7 августа 2013 в 02:31 0
What can you tell us about the satellite that goes to the Moon and back to earth all the time?
curi0usv # 7 августа 2013 в 07:57 0
He just deleted his own comment, from less than 30 minutes ago.I was about to send him a vid on EQs', but couldn't because of the removal.
thenight # 7 августа 2013 в 11:17 0
@william armstrong - It's not what's near the mountain. It's what's inside the mo
gisrs53 # 7 августа 2013 в 22:55 0
It is not advertised enough - I had a real battle trying to find what was going on.
brodyluv # 9 августа 2013 в 04:43 0
Higher,instantaneously injected Energies - Also,the SW is,as you said 'buffeting' our Magnetosphere - It travels nicely around us most of the time and only has periods where it can 'enter' when the IMFs' Polarity is negative or 'Southward'\the opposite of that of Earth and they Connect.
thenight # 9 августа 2013 в 22:16 0
@william armstrong - I am afraid I let the cat out of the bag. The cat has claws. That mountain is Bald Mountain isn't it. Ever hear construction going on up there? Hear blasting deep in the mountain?? Granite mountain hardest stone on planet. Already we know too much.
curi0usv # 12 августа 2013 в 01:05 0
special edition video on this, eventually?: )
missllp # 12 августа 2013 в 14:52 0
Been keeping tabs myself. Uptick on NV quakes too even though they are smaller ones still you can see when the activity changes.
thenight # 13 августа 2013 в 08:09 0
@MissLLP - Check your pc for cookies. Delete any files that are not yours. Check creation dates on all programs.
gisrs53 # 14 августа 2013 в 22:13 0
now you are spam too ;(
william # 16 августа 2013 в 16:28 0
Just that 1 CV smiles
gisrs53 # 17 августа 2013 в 01:17 0
not all posts - rough count 8 are spammed.
indianab # 17 августа 2013 в 10:56 0
curiOusVibes, might be a good time to change your password :)
thenight # 17 августа 2013 в 19:08 0
@william armstrong - Ever hear of flying under the radar? No record of flight. No radar track recording. The faster they fly the fewer people to see them or be able to film them. Also make sure no one can remote access your computer and disable any web cams.
missllp # 17 августа 2013 в 21:43 0
What are you thinking might be up? Lots of activity these days that common sense says is not of the norm.
missllp # 18 августа 2013 в 00:41 0
I've seen drones over here but today. Last thing I saw was F-35A's and B2 Stealths the last couple of days. The B2 was coming in but there's been over a 100 coming in and out daily (mostly smaller craft) but an uptick of traffic none the less. (Nellis Air)
missllp # 18 августа 2013 в 03:12 0
Yea check it out. :)
locof6 # 18 августа 2013 в 07:15 0
DA2013CL2 anything on this SO?
thenight # 19 августа 2013 в 22:12 0
@william armstrong - Ever hear of flyi
valiantv # 20 августа 2013 в 03:47 0
i will do a one min observation on how the birds in my backyard are relating to atmospheric conditions of the day. i've been noting their behavior and there was reduced activity on sunday when we took a hit. there is evidence the last massive die-off of species spared ground dwellers, ie goghers, rodents. many native tribes sleep in underground bunkers, or used to until we 'civilized' them. maybe they were on to something.
thenight # 21 августа 2013 в 02:16 0
@MissLLP - What william armstrong doesn't know is that it is one of the most secure facilities on the planet. That Observatory is a Solar observation platform. Why would the USAF be conducting electrical studies on the sun? Hmmm..
william # 21 августа 2013 в 03:31 0
Why would they be flying in so low and fast like that?
indianab # 21 августа 2013 в 22:40 0
MissLLP, not sure, but as a back up, stick a piece of masking tape over it for a "manual" on/off switch.
gump # 24 августа 2013 в 09:29 0
In the DOS prompt write NETSTATyou will see all the connections (pages, etc.) estabilized ... and others in the waiting time and respectively. IPStabilized - currently in useTimewait - waiting for packet transmission
gump # 26 августа 2013 в 11:32 0
or paste a duct tape in your camera. :))
brodyluv # 27 августа 2013 в 03:55 0
In Adobe Flash Player the default setting is 'Allow 3rd Parties to access My Mic+Camera Without Permission' - Change that.If you haven't already.
valiantv # 28 августа 2013 в 10:00 0
indianab # 29 августа 2013 в 02:29 0
All the Water on Planet Earthh t t p://tinyurl(dot)com/bsnmfb8How much of planet Earth is made of water? Very little, actually. Although oceans of water cover about 70 percent of Earth's surface, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth's radius. The link shows what would happen if all of the water on or near the surface of the Earth were bunched up into a ball, less than half the radius of the Earth's Moon. How even this much water came to be on the Earth remain topics of research.
valiantv # 29 августа 2013 в 04:28 0
...brightest bulb! brilliant! shall the egos prevail?
christin # 29 августа 2013 в 04:29 0
Amazing . . . I'm a little freaked out. Sounds like we need to change the mantra.
geminily # 1 сентября 2013 в 06:39 0
oops 15th. cme hit on 17th. sorry
geminily # 2 сентября 2013 в 19:28 0
@kim11757 17th
monica # 5 сентября 2013 в 14:25 0
I watch your uploads daily and always look forward to hearing your sexy voice! Thanks for the updates! You rock! And thanks for all the links! I love heliophysics and seeing what's going on around the world on the hazard map!
valiantv # 8 сентября 2013 в 17:04 0
bc is going to effected by the killer cannibis they grow there, mon!
gisrs53 # 8 сентября 2013 в 23:36 0
But at least you are trying :)
sllikm # 9 сентября 2013 в 12:17 0
the way i see it, they are both out to distort perceptions, distract from truth, and both workin for 'the man'. IMO, dutch exposed himself with sandy hoax, and is now laying low for a bit. personally, these agents don't bother me. even jones. poor agents got to make a living too i guess. ;)
missllp # 9 сентября 2013 в 15:09 0
Gotta love this page for wealth of information and information sharing. Good stuff always
missllp # 10 сентября 2013 в 02:16 0
I doubt you could be able to penetrate their security protocols without ending up with a celly.