Mard Ki Zabaan - Hindi Action Film - Dharmendra, Jackie Shroff хинд кинолари hind filmi mard хинд кинолари узбек тилида мард 1985

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Категория ролика: Узбекские темы

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Теги: Развлечения, zabaan, mard, hindi, action

Ram Chauhan is a poor farmer and lives with his brother, Lakshman in a small village. He falls in love with wealthy girl Lakshmi and they decide to get married. Lakshmi's father, Raghupathi objects their union and disowns her. His anger does not subside even when Lakshmi gives birth to a son, Vijay. When Raghupathi announces that his sole beneficiary is going to be his loyal servant Shrinath, Lakshman opposes this action. Shrinath is a wicked man who wants to take over Raghupathi's wealth and manages to do so by killing Ram, separating Lakshmi and her son Vijay and in the process framing Lakshman for murder. Years later, Lakshman, still in prison, is informed that Raghupathi has been conned by Shrinath and his son, Monty; and they have hired an impersonator, who has killed Raghupathi and taken over the estate. Lakshman escapes from prison and is hell-bent on taking revenge against the men responsible for destroying his family.

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