Nowruz Navruz Mubarak ???????? ????? Persian Turkic New Year 2013 Silk Road Dance Co кино узбек 2013 persi kino uzbek tilida

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Since 1995, Silk Road Dance Company has promoted "Cultural Understanding through Beauty and Delight." Our annual Nowruz/Navruz video is a gift to our friends and fans around the world and all who celebrate the New Year at the Spring Equinox -- Uzbek, Uighur, Tajik, Azeri, Afghan, Tatar, Kazakh, Iranians, Turkmen, Kurds and many others. These photos were taken of some of our favorite performances that have taken place since Nowruz of 2012.

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mrorient # 20 мая 2013 в 03:27 0
You can't ignore that fact that it has iranic roots - you have to mention it, otherwise the video is uncompleted
silkroad # 21 мая 2013 в 08:03 0
The Vernal Equinox is an observable astronomical phenomenom that impacts the entire planet -- even the USA. Our video greeting embraces all the various people and cultures that currently celebrate this phenomenom.. The title of our video is designed to make it easy to find by those searching for videos related to this holiday. There is no historical, archeological, anthropological, linguisitic, political, religious or national point of view attached to this video.
huseyin # 8 июня 2013 в 17:18 0
By the way We are love all peoples all countries. And share and celebrate their Nowruz Day.