Nude Yoga- Zen Garden Goddess Trailer

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Beautiful 26 year old Yogini Goddess Wenona gracefully moves through a series of nude poses in a serene verdant Zen Garden in "Pure Nude Yoga - Zen Garden Goddess". Performing yoga nude enables one to feel free, open and unrestrained in movements and meditations, and to experience pristine natural surroundings without barriers or restrictions. In its purest form, nude yoga can totally unite the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a state of joyful bliss.  Zen Garden Goddess Wenona is amazingly lithe and flexible, as she skillfully moves through a selection of classic yoga positions, starting from basic to more advanced. Just watching her is inspiring, illuminating and relaxing. Pure Nude Yoga- Zen Garden Goddess is easy to follow along, or simply use it to relax and meditate on beautiful natural forms performed in a tranquil Zen Garden setting.Now available on Amazon.com.Download Instantly at: To order DVD go to: Directed by Dane Van Rose.Music by Zenpurity.For more info visit

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