Old delta force game from 1998!

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I got bored, so I decided to play a little delta force, from 1998!Pixel shooter number one id say, but I like it, it's quite fun still!Only the first map/level!
kasha # 15 апреля 2013 в 19:53 0
Can this even work in Windows 7 64bit??? I really loved this game, and i used to play the crap out of it xDThank you for upload, this game is sooo Epic!! :D
laurie # 21 апреля 2013 в 14:23 0
Geesh, the hours I played this game, Duty Calls..
armi555m # 22 апреля 2013 в 17:56 0
Yep, still my favorite game of all time, probably because of the MP aspect and large maps of the day. CTF was intense. I played as Armistead.
demonang # 12 мая 2013 в 21:27 0
your the men!!! yeah