Ya'juj And Ma'juj [Gog And Magog] ?? Ma

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noor # 25 июля 2013 в 16:36 0
Which country/countries could possibly try to dominate after Dajjal (Fall of zions)?Ah, one more thing. YM after wiping enemies on land, will shoot arrows towards the sky. They will return bloodied. Could it mean the arrows will reach the targets? In today's world, what will they be shooting in the skies? Planes, Sky labs, satellite?Most of the things are making more sense today, then they every made before. Of course these are guess works, and Allah knows best.
noor # 25 июля 2013 в 22:51 0
As a coincidence, Mongols are called Mungo zu in Chinese. The English for Majoj is Magog. Do you see the similarities? So where are the YM today ? Here is what we know.They must be very large in numbers.They must have very large army.They eat pretty much every thing.They are non believers (999 will go to hell)They must be very powerful, yet they are not into war business (for now).Their army should be merciless.They will emerge as the next power after Dajjal saga is over.
noor # 26 июля 2013 в 02:40 0
Quran mentions about the language of people persecuted by YM. Which nation has a language which is so different from rest of the world. hmmmm, Chinese could be one. Chinese doesn't even have alphabets like rest of the languages.Chinese use to get attacked from Mongol tribes.Chinese like to build walls for defense.China is in the East.Chinese walls were very simple made out of wood,mud and stone.Notice what do the people ask of Zulqurnain.Can you make a wall ? (better one)
suhaib # 26 июля 2013 в 07:16 0
The Tiberias Lake is already below the level and fishing is banned and the water level has drastically reduced.... Think about it and also read about Khazar tribes.. Insha Allah you will come to know about the truth.... Insha Allah
alexandr # 26 июля 2013 в 07:53 0
They are already here amongst us....they are the Judea - Christian civilization
h-fiez # 26 июля 2013 в 08:45 0
You meant those images put in the video? They are from a movie actually about greek myth, Immortals.
tariq # 26 июля 2013 в 09:03 0
Anwar al awlaki is the speaker. Sadly he was killed in a usa drone strike in yemen
sal # 26 июля 2013 в 10:26 0
Yajjuj and majjuj are khazarian Jews who operate news world order.
viruskay # 26 июля 2013 в 10:49 0
who is the person giving the azaan at the beginning?
abid # 26 июля 2013 в 17:12 0
Peace keeper, u cnt wipe out the poor arabs lol
bora # 26 июля 2013 в 18:19 0
by that time we no longer hav the tech we hav today.
jonnah0 # 27 июля 2013 в 04:08 0
why u made Pictures of the evil movie "Imortals"
bora # 27 июля 2013 в 17:56 0
they r not myth
tamar # 27 июля 2013 в 21:14 0
george # 27 июля 2013 в 23:39 0
first time i ever seen an Asian Muslim! it is intriguing! lol jp
goran # 28 июля 2013 в 03:02 0
May Allah protect Us
himtiaze # 28 июля 2013 в 08:18 0
A thousand years ago there was a king called dhul karnain. He was a great king and he was a father of the land and He was a believer of god. He will never come again. Not before al mahdi and not after al mahdi. U can read a little part from "Surat ul kahf" about dhul karnain to make it sure.
spookiie # 28 июля 2013 в 12:18 0
Dhul qarnan was a just king who was on tahweed ( believing in Allah alone ) he is a king mentioned in the Quran but is so old that there isn't any written/recorded history on him
jadethee # 28 июля 2013 в 14:12 0
Search ''Sheikh Imran Hossein Ya'juj and Majuj'' and you will have your answer :)
jadethee # 29 июля 2013 в 00:15 0
The caucuses located in georgia, but Yajuj and Majuj are the ones on the other side of it , the white Europeans from Khazar who converted to Judaism and Christianity.
attawbah # 29 июля 2013 в 01:14 0
shiekh anwar al awlaki (raheemahullah)
george # 29 июля 2013 в 02:44 0
yeah right! you won't truly know until it until it happens! "It is folly and shame unto him that answereth a matter before he hear it. proverbs of Solomon son of David"
islam # 29 июля 2013 в 08:10 0
Asalam alaykum ya akhi, that is not correct he will claim to be Allah (ooz billah) he won't say he's Isa, son of Mariam (PBUT)
peace # 29 июля 2013 в 13:15 0
The Dajjal will claim to be the messiah.
kawsar # 29 июля 2013 в 22:49 0
@endysyah he's name is ustad Bellal asad yes he's austrailian
muslimah # 30 июля 2013 в 01:29 0
Jazak ALLAH khair.. great info. Masha ALLAH
rasputin # 30 июля 2013 в 06:23 0
The reason I became a Muslim was indeed the fact that I couldn't question the prophets (pbut) nor their existence. These Hadith's disturb me for the exact opposite reason.
mahid # 30 июля 2013 в 06:59 0
which Hadith are you talking about in particular? you should just not get disturbed and all. Rather you should try to find out more about it. And once you have become a Muslim don't just let Satan take you down in any way and make your belief strong and firm.
ahmed # 30 июля 2013 в 16:27 0
dhul-qurnayn pbuh passed away, around the era before or close to Musa as, al mahdi will come in sha allah, this time is not very far now..
fpsxma # 30 июля 2013 в 21:49 0
Once again a very nice lecture. Macha'Allah.
mamo # 30 июля 2013 в 22:02 0
ya juj and majuj are trks,,,say ibn kasir
mamo # 31 июля 2013 в 04:45 0
bende trkm,,ibn kasir gle demis ,,bakabilirsin tefsirlerine :)ibn kasir en byk tefsirci ...ben onun ne dedigini sylyorum ..sahih muslim yada buhari olmasi lazimm,,,sizler trklerle savasmadikca kiyamet kopmucak diyor:))bizleri musluman yerine koymamislar...taberide ,trkleri nasil kesip kesip musluman yaptiklari yaziyor,,ben bu islam alimlerine inaniyorum
hussein # 31 июля 2013 в 06:34 0
AL-Tur Mountain is at Sinai in Egypt not Jerusalem .... Please try to correct that
viruskay # 31 июля 2013 в 09:18 0
what the guys name who gave the azaan at the beginning?
oliver # 31 июля 2013 в 11:25 0
How is Eesa AS supposed to take ALL the followers of islam to at-tut? Islam is the worlds second largest religion in the world. Someone please respond with a legit answer. Thank you.
hussein # 31 июля 2013 в 12:10 0
Before Eesa descends there will be a huge war check the brothers description in a reply to you
almo372 # 31 июля 2013 в 15:17 0
Who comes
msromiih # 31 июля 2013 в 15:31 0
don't wanna live anymore.......
alldaymh # 31 июля 2013 в 21:57 0
Nice Lecture, May Allah keep us safe Ameen. And guide the corrupted ones Ameen.
pinkybut # 1 августа 2013 в 07:55 0
Gave me goosebumps. May Allah protect us all.
pinkybut # 1 августа 2013 в 11:24 0
Wow! Beautiful narration!!
arsenics # 1 августа 2013 в 11:46 0
Does anyone know who the Mu'azin is at the beginning of the video?
arsenics # 1 августа 2013 в 12:07 0
Jazak'Allah brother Faisal
horis04 # 1 августа 2013 в 18:29 0
JazzakAllah khayr for this very informative video. Just one note: please don't put up pictures that contain fitnah such as the movie '300' scene where they are dead and lying down whilst their owrah is exposed. it is a fitnah. May Allah reward you for your efforts
voyeurmo # 1 августа 2013 в 20:11 0
Please refer to Surat Al-Anbiya verses 95 and 96 which is not referenced in the video. This is the only other reference besides Surat Al-Kahf to Yajuj and Majuj that indicates that their release will coincide when a community or nation destroyed returns to a land forbidden. There is only but one nation making facade in a place forbidden for them; the lake of Tiberias has been drained substantially as it is the lake that provides the Yahud with their water.
maysah # 2 августа 2013 в 07:17 0
2 weeks ago I watched the movie "World War Z" at the cinemas. I swear the whole movie is about Yajuj & Majuj its scary.
tariq # 2 августа 2013 в 09:14 0
one of the sheikh is anwar al awlaki,he is a great sheikh you can search his lectures
hustlin2 # 2 августа 2013 в 18:32 0
Maasha Allah. Great vid. May Allah reward the owners of this channel and protect all muslims!!
357saf # 2 августа 2013 в 20:35 0
alhamdulillah this topic is so misunderstood - glad this shaikh is reliable
sohaib # 3 августа 2013 в 02:05 0
I really like the intro
theproph # 3 августа 2013 в 02:31 0
Masha'Allah, your covering some important topics
w # 3 августа 2013 в 07:38 0
JazakAllah for this reminder. 2 great learned men, may they be blessed with success in this life and the hereafter.
zaahid # 3 августа 2013 в 10:54 0
What movie are the pictures in this video from?
khwaga # 3 августа 2013 в 11:02 0
Thank you brother for this great lecture! Your efforts are being appreciated! Jazaak'allah Khair
pstrippl # 3 августа 2013 в 15:34 0
To provide better image of the topic brother
yoemer94 # 3 августа 2013 в 18:39 0
JazzakAllah Khairan for uploading, May Allah forgive us all and grant us all Jannatul-Firdaus inshAllah. Ameen
victory4 # 3 августа 2013 в 21:20 0
"How can one earn 1000 good deeds in a day?'' He (sallallahu alayhi wasalam) replied, "By saying: Subhanallah a 100 times, then 1000 good deeds will be recorded for him or 1000 sins will be blotted out from his record." Subhanallah!
naveed # 3 августа 2013 в 22:24 0
yajuj and majuj are human tribes?! Must be aliens(for us) living in other dimension of heaven!!
riazmali # 3 августа 2013 в 23:01 0
MashaAllah very informative video. Jazakallaho Khair brother!!
aysha # 4 августа 2013 в 08:14 0
swifteru # 4 августа 2013 в 08:46 0
i dont get it
w # 4 августа 2013 в 10:02 0
Imram Hosein's youtube videos and written work about them is a fitna as it is misinformation. You are part of the fitna spreading false information.
ahmed # 4 августа 2013 в 12:32 0
idcode1 # 4 августа 2013 в 18:58 0
we are yajuj & majujif we followed blue jeans jamaah,,,
yunus # 4 августа 2013 в 19:09 0
where in the Kur'an does it say that isa or jesus will come back ?
alan # 4 августа 2013 в 19:49 0
Anwar Al Awlaki and Belal Assad
twaha # 4 августа 2013 в 21:27 0
Where did you get those pictures?
jadethee # 5 августа 2013 в 01:00 0
Watch Sheikh Imran Hossein if you want to know more about Ya'juj and Ma'juj, and how they are already amongst us.
jadethee # 5 августа 2013 в 02:02 0
Jazakallah kheyr
chuck # 5 августа 2013 в 02:16 0
masha'Allah! who are these amazing speakers?
moshin74 # 5 августа 2013 в 03:52 0
Caucasians are Yakjuj & Makjuj, study their history, they all come from the Caucasus region / mountains, hence they r called Caucasians, Yakjuj are of Anglo-Saxon race, Western European people while Makjuj are the Slavs or Teutonic race, Eastern European..they have many names like Vikings, Scythians, Celtics etc, & Khazarians who embraced Judaism in the 9th century who now 90% occupy Israel...they are the major corruptors in this world....
umar # 5 августа 2013 в 04:08 0
Make Tawba (repentance) and Allah will In shaa Allah forgive you.
greatdee # 5 августа 2013 в 06:40 0
It is very clear to interpret this as the Zionist Jews, coming out of the Caucasus mountains (where they originated from), eventually spreading over the world and controlling it with their manipulative ways, going to Palestine and oppressing ALL Muslims of the area and using up the Sea of Galilee.
nlabiker # 5 августа 2013 в 06:44 0
I mean majuj
megaalil # 5 августа 2013 в 06:48 0
solider of Allah pls get rid of the background picture they are from a movie about atheist and fake gods
maaz # 5 августа 2013 в 20:07 0
Very informative, great video !! mashaAllahkeep up the good work (Y)
ub4id201 # 5 августа 2013 в 21:18 0
tahmid # 5 августа 2013 в 21:26 0
ramadhan mubarak to you as well.