Помогите !!!!!!!!! ... their luggage by the time the taxi comes? употребление have gone to,have been to, have been in новости челябинск мир 74

1.The world is becoming a very scary place2.We usually talk about homorous think...
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1.The world is becoming a very scary place

2.We usually talk about homorous thinks

3.I personally do not drink alcohol

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Is the world becoming a very scary place?
What is the world becoming?
Is the world becoming a very scary or a very comfortable place?
The world is becoming a very scary place, isn't it?
What is becoming a very scary place?
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Do we usually talk about humorous things?
What do we usually talk about?
Do we usually talk about humorous or serious things?
We usually talk about humorous things, don't we?
Who usually talks about humorous things?
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Don't I personally drink alcohol ?
Why don't I drink alcohol ?)))))))
Don't I drink alcohol or coffee?
I personally do not drink alcohol , do I?
Who doesn't drink alcohol?
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Подскажите глагол worry употребляется в Present Continuous
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I've been working as a tuitor 4 kids. very often help with getting prepared for the state exam (EGE). from time to time, while doing tests, we have to deal with a kinda dilemma, which may seem stulid but it's not. for example, IN the street-British, ON the street - American, AT the corner - British, ON the corner - American. My dearest kids worry if the computer in the check center (or whatever gives out the test results there) is programmed to accept both variants. Any ideas on this issue?
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Кто может,помогите вставить предлоги of или to.
My mother is afraid ... rats.
What do you complain ... ? asked the doctor.
Do not enter ... the room.
What are you laughing ... ?
They did not want to listen ... me.
Wait ... me.I'll be back ... a few minutes.
Yesterday the teacher spoke ... us about the architecture ... St.Petersburg.
My grandmother often complains ... headache.
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1.of 2.of 3.вообще должно быть into, ну если выбирать,то to 4.of 5.to 6.to/? 7.to/of 8.of
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3 -
6for, in
7 with, of
8 of
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Мргарита задание было выбрать to/of!Хотя я с тобой согласна.Например, после wait обычно for, но я в словаре с to тоже нашла
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Помогите, пожалуйста.
откуда можно скачать сканы книги 55 устных тем Журиной.
или какой-нибудь другой книги для сдачи устного экзамена по английскому.
(пишите в личку)
буду очень благодарна
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Подкиньте, пожалуйста, интересную идею (можно готовый конспект с видео и аудио))))) открытого занятия для студентов неязыковой специальности 1 курса института!Лучше в личку. Спасибо!
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Кому не сложно , помогите студенту) это очень легкое упраженение, для тех кто знает язык..у меня просто полный ноль в английском(

5 Complete the text, using the correct form of comparison of the adjectives given.
OK, let me tell you about my opinions about these adverts. I think the 0most effective (effective) advert is the one by the Smith Group. It’s 1________________ (clever) than the advert by Bodlers and 2__________________ (funny). It’s not as 3_________________ (cheap) as the advert by Greggs. In fact, it is the 4____________________ (expensive) advert but worth every penny. The one by Addlers is the 5_____________________ (successful). It was truly awful!
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1.cleverer 2.funnier 3.cheap 4.most expensive 5.most successful
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Ань, может Вас не затруднит еще чуточку помочь...(((

3 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first, using will, going to or present continuous for future meaning.

0 We’re planning to have a party.
__We’re going to have a party._________
1 Have you arranged to meet Paul at seven?
__Are you _______________________________________________________
2 The club has probably decided to close.
___The club______________________________________________________
3 How many people are intending to come?
___How many people_______________________________________________
4 I’m sure you can’t finish this course in the future.
__I’m sure you_____________________________________________________
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