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2. Microeconomics: Three Basic ChoicesMicroeconomics focuses on the behaviour of...
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2. Microeconomics: Three Basic Choices
Microeconomics focuses on the behaviour of decision-makers in the economy. A person in his or her role as a consumer or a worker a decision-maker. Business firms, governments and specific government agency are decision-makers too....
Microeconomics centres on how these decision-makers choose among alternatives and on the results of these choices.
3. Microeconomics is built around three basic types of choice that must be made in any economy: (1) What goods and services shall be produced, and how much of each per time period? (2) How shall they be produced, with what proportion of labour to machinary (including robots), or of machinery to natural resources, or of natural resources to labour – and within the work labour, with what proportion of more-skilled to less-skilled workers? (3) To whom the final products shall be distributed? How much should go to the supply of labour, how much to the suppliers of natural resources, and how much to the suppliers of the machinery and equipment? Or if we look at the distribution question through personal glasses, how much should go to the poor, how much to the middle classes, and how much to the rich? All these problems are interrelated.
4. What to produce. Every economic system must establish some why of deciding what to produce. Each must make this decision because of scarcity. Consider, for example, the question of what to produce with the land resources available for the economy. Shall dairy cattle be grazed so that milk can be produced? Shall beef cattle be grazed so that meat can be produced? Shall the land be used for baseball playing field so that recreational services can be produced? The possibilities are almost unlimited, but some decision must be made.
5. How to produce. The question of how to produce is quite different from the question of what to produce. Ice-cream can be made in a small shop with a hand-cracked or motor-driven ice cream maker, or it can be produced in a large automated factory in quantities large enough to serve all the people in a great city or a region. Corn can be grown intensively, with much fertilizer and irrigation, or it can be grown extensively, with more land and less fertilizer or irrigation. Roads can be built with thousands of pick-and-shovel labourers moving soil in woven baskets, or they can be built with huge earth-moving machines and fewer workers. Every economic system must provide some method of choosing among the different available technologies of production.
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we will touch the uncknown hands of our children, in whom our victory will be after our death. - я бы сказала так.
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