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I'd like to propose this topic wherein we could help each other in translation o...
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I'd like to propose this topic wherein we could help each other in translation of different words, terms, phrases, sentences, whatsoever.

I've got the first question in the area of law. Does anybody know how can I translate "право хозяйственного вЕдения"?
Thanks in advance for your responce
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Samuel Clemens wrote:

"I would I might please thee, sir, and it is to me dole and sorrow that I fail, albeit sith I am but a simple damsel and taught of none, being from the cradle unbaptized in those deep waters of learning that do anoint with a sovereignty him that partaketh of that most noble sacrament, investing him with reverend state to the mental eye of the humble mortal who, by bar and lack of that great consecration seeth in his own unlearned estate but a symbol of that other sort of lack and loss which men do publish to the pitying eye with sackcloth trappings whereon the ashes of grief do lie bepowdered and bestrewn, and so, when such shall in the darkness of his mind encounter these golden phrases of high mystery, these shut-up shops, and draw-the-game, and bank-the-fires, it is but by the grace of God that he burst not for envy of the mind that can beget, and tongue that can deliver so great and mellow-sounding miracles of speech, and if there do ensue confusion in that humbler mind, and failure to divine the meanings of these wonders, then if so be this miscomprehension is not vain but sooth and true, wit ye well it is the very substance of worshipful dear homage and may not lightly be misprized, nor had been, an ye had noted this complexion of mood and mind and understood that that I would I could not, and that I could not I might not, nor yet nor might nor could, nor might-not nor could-not, might be by advantage turned to the desired would, and so I pray you mercy of my fault, and that ye will of your kindness and your charity forgive it, good my master and most dear lord."

Can you understand (leave alone translate) this one sentence?
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The Google translated "право хозяйственного вЕдения" as "the right of economic management". I cannot guess whether he is right or not--I don't know what it is at all.
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I think it's better to translate as "the right of economic jurisdiction".
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Looks like you are almost right:ведение. It all depends on the context.
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It depends on the context, in which this phrase is used. But I think the best variant of translation is "the right of economic management".
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Sorry, forgot about this topic. This term, being a kinda solid legal category, doesn't depend on particular context and pertains to limited rights of estate. Among the translations suggested, the "right of economic management" is the correct one. Thanks for your help!
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Леонид maxleo Максимов
12 мар 2009 в 21:52
It's so hardly for me...
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what do you mean? i don't think i can get hold of your phrase.
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I shud say I'm don't undestand and disable to translate your post!(
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you don't have to do it indeed, unless you are striving to challenge yourself )))
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what u say?I really want to speak whith us!
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Help me,please! How is it aphorism on English?
Я не терплю стен и загородок. Небо, охватывающее взором всю землю, ветер, не встречающий преград, океан, омывающий все берега, — вот идеал.
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Here is my (verbatim) version:
"I do not accept any walls and fences. The sky, embracing with its look the whole earth, the wind, not facing obstacles, the ocean, washing all shores - here is an ideal."
PS: If u think something's wrong, please correct me
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ребят, помогите! Как на английском сказать - начало девятого.
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