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This year I have graduated from the University. During last 5 years I have been ...
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This year I have graduated from the University. During last 5 years I have been living and studying in St-Petersburg.Есть ли здесь ошибки на ваш взгляд?
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мне не нравится предлог During, я бы поставила for
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В первом предложении красивее было бы поставить past simple. Хотя формально можно и перфект.
И во втором предложении меняем время, оставляем и last и during!

During the last 5 years I lived and studied in St-Petersburg
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но ведь речь идет о действии, которое началось 5 лет назад и продолжается -Present Perfect Continuous
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1. Если принять эту точку зрения, то нужно переделать все предложение - ни During, ни last сюда не годится.
2. Действие больше не продолжается: человек уже закончил Университет, а, значит, больше не учится.
3. Из контекста нигде не следует, что действие все еще продолжается. Этот вывод можно сделать, только взглянув на время - продолженный перфект. Изменим время - и смысл предложения другой.
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iz konteksta deistvitelno ne osobo ponatno. ya bi skazala:
I lived and studied in St.Petersburg for the past 5 years. I have just graduated from college this year.
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Inna Rodionova, я не могу вполне согласиться с вашей точкой зрения. Предлог for всё-таки подразумевает перфект, а во-втором предложении обстоятельства времени just и this year - взаимоисключающие.
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oshiblas', imela vvidu i have lived and studied .... for the past five yrs and the past simple in th esecond one, i just graduated from college this year. Just mozhno opustit', dazhe luchshe bez just
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А мне кажется во втором предложений надо have заменить на had,потому что действие длилось в прошлом (на что указывает слово last)в течение 5 лет.
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я думаю надо had graduated
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How I became a journalist.

I grew up very talkative child. So when I have been finishing school I with no doubt had joined the faculty of Journalism. I thought it was my real vocation.
At the first course one teacher had told us to bring some our publications from current newspapers for passing the examination.
So I went to a local agency «John Brown Corp», knowing that they have their own edition «News Cycle». I had asked sub-editor for helping me in this mission. He had smiled knowingly and asked me a few jobs on current affairs.
Firstly, I had to make a report from opening the exhibition of northern peoples’ national clothes.
And secondly, to write an article about changes of the level of literacy among the people due to the Internet. A little discouraged so tedious topics, I went home, producing an approximate plan for further action in my head.
Must say, I’ve coped with the task quickly enough. Because - what's hard to write 1000 signs about some kind of exhibition or about peoples’ spelling mistakes? But one thing didn’t give me a rest – that gray dullness, gazing from the pages of printed material. Without thinking twice I’d decided to dilute it by colorful illustrations of my own production. It has turned out brightly and funny enough.
Passing materials to the editor, I walked around waiting for a call with an estimate of my work. After an hour of silence I myself went back to know their opinion. Opening the door I had found the editor and the sub-editor hanging over the table. They had stood for a second, having seen me, and had amicably blown up a laughter. I’d asked what had going on. Wiping tears the editor told me:
- Your pictures are wonderful! These deer in mittens and other. Your article has a great make-up. But I am afraid that the main task of mass-media is covering news rather than thinking on paper about how the deer are probably jealous at the sight of clothes of their masters!
- Know, - the sub-editor has continued, - you could be a perfect children’s author! Or, if you want to stay closer to journalism, I can offer you a broadcasting: to read fairytales aloud with your own comments.
They had burst out laughing again.
And I was wounded, trudged home – to think about my abilities. I had turned on a TV-set: there was a flash news: in Siberia, reindeer pulled down a hat from a shepherd and drove off into the steppe. «And now it can be argued which of us is a loser», - I had said sarcastically and smiled.
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ОЧЕНЬ нужно перевести аннотацию для научной статьи правильно. ПОМОГИТЕ сделать это без ошибок

"Статья является попыткой проанализировать основные теоретические аспекты развития этнотуризма. Выделены и обоснованы основные носители этноприобретень, сохранение и приумножение которых будет способствовать реализации этнотуризма, а также указано на возможности и перспективы развития этнотуризма."
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Так будет правильно?
Article is attempt to analyse the main theoretical aspects of development of ethnotourism. The main carriers of etnoacquisitions are allocated and proved, preservation and which enhancement will promote ethnotourism realization, and also is specified possibilities and prospects of development of ethnotourism.
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