what are you going to do in the NEW YEAR?

at this topic you can tell about your plans for new year holidays
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at this topic you can tell about your plans for new year holidays
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I do have... I guess... )) I'm going to meet the midnight with my parents, then I'll take a bottle of Coca-Cola and a lot of sweets, lock myself inside my room and will paint/write/read something till dawn. Then I'll sleep till noon and then will go for a walk with my friend - to take some photos of empty post-NewYear streets. Hope there'll be snow... )))
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I hope I will have fun with my friends! I hope there will be a crowd of nice drunk people, fireworks, loud music and an ocean of champagne! but frankly speaking...I suppose it will be one of the most boring celebration in my life..i will be at home...eating tangerines and watching fuckintv...fuckin "goluboi ogonjek" or smth like this...
but peole, hope all of you will have a great party! Wish you to be madly happy this New-Year night!
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as for me..My friends and I will go to the countryside house to celebrate New Year. I hope WE WILL getting fun where))) during 3 days.
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Go to club and have some fun )))
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oy...and I will be with friends, I wanna that it will be very funny))) HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
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Go theatring (if clubbing exists, why not theatring )))))))))) )
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